• Starting this year, fleets that overrun their annual quota will see their allocations reduced by the same number of seals in their overrun on a one for one basis the following year. This measure aims to minimize the impact of overruns on the seal population in any given year by ensuring that it is balanced out by a reduction in quota the following year.

  • DFO is implementing additional management measures for 2007 to decrease the likelihood of quota overruns. These include: shorter and more controlled opening periods (possibly half-days for some fleets); coordinated regional management and monitoring plans; monitoring at dockside; mandatory hail-outs on departure for some fleets; and daily hails of catches for all sealing vessels, among other measures.

  • In order to help reduce the competitive nature of the hunt, DFO established one-year regional shares in 2006 for the Gulf of St. Lawrence allocation. This quota was divided among the various participating regions. A review of the sharing formula was undertaken in advance of the 2007 season; however, no consensus was reached between fleets. After the 2007 hunt, DFO will appoint an independent reviewer to reassess regional shares. In the interim, the existing sharing arrangement will remain in place for the 2007 hunt.

  • A carry forward option, which will be reviewed annually, means fleets can carry forward into the next season up to 10 percent of their allocation if not fully utilized, provided there are no compelling conservation concerns.

Obtained from
The Department of Fisheries and Oceans web site.
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