From the same interview, quote from Paul Watson:

"And now we have a dozen people this year from Greenpeace California - I mean they're coming from the highest standard of living region in North America - they're traveling to the place with the lowest income per year on this continent telling them not to kill seals because they're cute but not endangered species.
Yet off the coast of California there are three species of dolphin - the spinner the spotted and the white belly - and they're being slaughtered towards the brink of extinction by American tuna boats. And then the slaughter of (unintelligible) sea turtles in (unintelligible) in Mexico."

In the 1970's the main focus of the anti-sealing industry was to stop the harvest of seal pups, whitecoats. In 1987 the harvesting of whitecoats was banned and over the years many regulations have been introduced and strictly enforced to the point that sealing is probably the most regulated and patrolled hunting in North America if not the world. In North America the average quota for moose is roughly the same as that of the harp seal and twice this amount for deer. If you go onto Google and search "moose hunting", "dear hunting" or any other hunting you get pages of outfitters and "How to" sites but type "seal hunting" and all you see is a sea of propaganda put out by the anti-sealing industry. Out of all the groups that are protesting the seal hunt not one is beating a drum for the moose or the deer. I guess there just isn't any money in it.

The sites for moose and deer offer to plan vacations around traveling to hunt a deer or moose but to mention the same thing for seals would be blasphemous and enough to promote gasps of disgust. Why? Because the masses have been brainwashed by years of shock tactics. What do you think the inside of a slaughterhouse, abattoir being the nicer name, looks like? Where there is slaughter, there is blood and it is never pretty so when you see a picture of a pile of dead seals think of the pile of dead cows your steak or burger used to be.

When I say propaganda it is because some of the information spread by these groups may have been true in the 70's when there were no regulations on the hunt but it is far from the truth today. When these groups want to back up untrue claims about the modern hunt they dig back in their archives for film footage or pictures from the 70's or they doctor the video to suit their needs. A fact which has been proven in past court cases. I'm not saying that the odd awful thing doesn't happen, its human nature. As the prison system will prove, there are always a couple of idiots that don't follow the rules. Personally, I would not have a problem with the protest if the protestors were not misguiding people and hell bent on destroying the integrity of a people to fill their pockets. Protest is a part of the great democracy in which we live. Freedom of speech is the right of all but don't abuse this freedom through the use of propaganda.

Whenever you mention the finances of these groups their zealot followers scream that "it isn't about money" and that "people should stay on the issue". Well, I believe money is the issue. It is money that is driving the anti-sealing industry. The hunt acts as an annual fundraiser that they use to fill their accounts which in turn provides sustenance for campaigns they actually care about. At the end of the day its off the backs of hard working people. People that are not poor but then again how many of us can say three or four or five thousand dollars wouldn't go astray. Its typical big business, make huge amounts of money off the backs of the less fortunate. Think of that the next time you see someone on television waving an anti-sealing flag saying that sealers are barbaric and morally deficient. People need to wake up and get a grip on who they are supporting. Until then I find them to be ignorant and morally deficient.
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