Date: March 28, 2007
Origin: Western Star

A delegation from Canada is in Europe this week trying to spread this country's message about the seal hunt. Many in the group are from this province, including Ambassador Loyola Sullivan who is leading the 11-member group.

The visit is intended to counteract the anti-sealing pressure being put on governments that are members of the European Union.

Besides the public relations battle, the delegation is inviting EU members to come to Newfoundland and Labrador and see the hunt first- hand.

Sending the delegation to Europe may go some distance getting Canada's side of the seal hunt better understood around the world but it isn't likely to change the minds of animal rights groups who have more than saving seals at the forefront of their activities.

These groups are multi-million dollar organizations who need lots of cash to keep going and ramping up emotions over the seal hunt helps fill their coffers every spring.

Canada may get their case heard and understood by politicians, but winning the bigger PR battle with uninformed people around the world is a fight that may never be won.

The animal rights groups have too much at stake to let the truth stand in their way.
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