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14/4/2011Baby-seal 'slaughter' slander continues
11/4/2011Sluggish start to annual seal hunt
5/4/2011Seal hunt thwarted by lack of ice
1/4/2011Group believes large numbers of seals threatening fish stocks
31/3/2011Lack of ice stymies seal hunt in Gulf
28/3/2011Canada's seal ban appeal goes to WTO panel
26/3/2011Harp seal quota set at 400,000
25/3/2011Maritime seal hunt begins Sunday
21/3/2011Atlantic Canada's harp seals drifting south
18/3/2011Minister responds
16/3/2011Norway fights on against sealing ban
15/3/2011Minister Shea Welcomes Norway's Challenge of the European Union's Seal Ban
5/3/2011Seal hat ‘seals’ in warmth
4/3/2011Lorne Gunter: Seal product ban based on emotion
28/2/2011Seal hunt small-calibre bullets successful
25/2/2011Biologist wants to know if seals prevent recovery of groundfish stocks
23/2/2011Seal hunt expected to start Thursday
21/2/2011Small-calibre bullets could kill seals faster
21/2/2011The many steps of seal boots
15/2/2011Instant outrage
11/2/2011Canada escalates appeal on EU seal ban
11/2/2011Sealing community applauds Canada’s move to protect fair trade principles
5/2/2011Seal hunt's future far from 'sealed'
17/1/2011Lorne Gunter: Let the Euro eco-weenies freeze in their seal-free winter
13/1/2011Canada to sell seal meat to China
13/1/2011PETA: Winner of the Franklin Expedition Award, 2010
5/1/2011VIDEO: Seals corner fish near Triton
4/1/2011Early seal births linked to growing N.L. numbers
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