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26/11/2010Reckless disregard for the world's tuna
21/10/2010Seal Ban Challenge Receives Clarification by EU Court
12/10/2010Vegetables are Murder :)
10/10/2010European hypocrisy over seals exposed ;Europe has world's largest seal hunt
7/10/2010Pete Bethune Blasts Sea Shepherd In Online Letter Of Resignation
30/9/2010Weíve Been Sacked by the Humane Society
21/9/2010Gov't still values seal hunt
11/9/2010Expense is justified
7/9/2010Could Canada have stopped the EU seal ban?
21/8/2010Seal industry officials happy EU ban delayed
20/8/2010PM slams EU over seal ban go-ahead
20/8/2010EU seal ban suspended
19/8/2010Canada welcomes court suspension of EU seal ban
31/5/2010Ottawa company sells Canada's best seal products to the world
27/5/2010Seal cull considered
11/5/2010N.L. seal hunt extended
3/5/2010Japan to seek arrest of anti-whaling Sea Shepherd chief: NHK
28/4/2010The HumaneWatch Interview: Aaju Peter
22/4/2010Seal hunt diary: Up close and personal with seal hunters in Newfoundland
16/4/2010Seal meat selling in St. John's
14/4/2010Not so thrilled by the hunt
9/4/2010Nordic hunters say EU seal ban wastes resources
9/4/2010European Union bans seal products -- so seal recipes are off the menu
7/4/2010Top 10: Reasons To Support The Seal Hunt
25/3/2010Harbour Mille seal pup may survive: DFO
25/3/2010Mafia lawsuit hits the seal banís wire-pullers
25/3/2010Federal Racketeering Lawsuit Stuns HSUS
16/3/2010Seal protesters miss the mark
12/3/2010Seals aren't pets, experts warn
12/3/2010Seal pups beached in ice-free Gulf
12/3/2010Proposed anti-sealing bill heckled and booed
9/3/2010Gulf seal hunt unlikely: Shea
8/3/2010Nunavut MLA calls for EU alcohol ban
24/2/2010Senator Hopes Ethical-Sealing Pledge Will End E.U. Ban
2/2/2010Feds say seal hunt to proceed in N.S.
27/1/2010Fishermen condemn 'tofu terrorists'
26/1/2010Fisheries minister gets pie in face
20/1/2010EU Ban on Seal Products Sale, a New Tool of the Professional Climate Warmongers
20/1/2010Guests give seal of approval to Greenlandic treat
19/1/2010They eat horses in Europe, donít they?
18/1/2010Seal hunters face battle with EU over trade
14/1/2010Inuit groups sue EU over seal trade ban
13/1/2010Canada pushes seal products in China
13/1/2010Cute and Nutritious
8/1/2010The dark side of do-gooding
6/1/2010Whale war erupts after Ady Gil rammed by Japanese
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