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30/11/2009Harp seal makes unexpected November visit to N.B.
27/11/2009Humane society boss charged with animal cruelty
25/11/2009Seals, cows, pigs -- it's all the same
18/11/2009Seal soon on the menu at Parliamentary Restaurant
13/11/2009National Post editorial board: The power of misinformation and paranoia
13/11/2009Nunavut seal pelt sales plummet
13/11/2009Anti-sealing ship sold for $5,000
7/11/2009Norway takes EU trade ban to WTO
5/11/2009Canada Requests WTO Consultations on EU Seal Products Ban
5/11/2009Quebec MP's sealskin portfolio a hit
15/10/2009PETA Shakedowns and “Social Responsibility”: Moving the Goalposts
15/10/2009PETA Becomes A Corporate Animal
28/9/2009Canadians show stomach to fight Europe's seal ban by putting mammal on the menu
18/9/2009Sealing foes fined more than $23,000 each
17/8/2009Sex-starved seals prey on bathers
12/8/2009EU Seal Ban Seen as Threat to Newfoundland Villages
4/8/2009Calling Europe on its hypocrisy
4/8/2009Terry Glavin: Inuit against the EU
30/7/2009Federal government missed key chances to derail seal ban: Byrne
28/7/2009Seal product ban will withstand WTO challenge: EU
28/7/2009Senator Céline Hervieux-Payette Demands Immediate Financial Compensation fro the Sealing Industry
28/7/2009Seal ban not devastating to local hunters
23/7/2009Study finds grey seals consume up to 500,000 tons of fish a year off Scotland
20/7/2009Namibia: Foreign Journalists Arrested for Filming Seal Cull
15/7/2009Sealing tragedy triggers coast guard towing changes
8/7/2009Cull won’t end, seal fur buyer
6/7/2009Whining seal hunt twaddle
2/7/2009Seal meat becomes tasty delicacy in Canada after Europe bans imports: report
2/7/2009Anti-sealing activists convicted
29/6/2009Local restaurateur removes European wines and beer from her menu
29/6/2009Harp seal heart valves being tested for human use
29/6/2009Inuit hunters hit by European seal product ban
16/6/2009'Shame, shame,' Nunavut politicians say about PETA's anti-sealing campaign
16/6/2009Fur, fascism and file-sharing at the EU
8/6/2009Russian Seals Not Endangered
8/6/2009Montreal chef who serves seal meat threatened
4/6/2009Seal hunt protest has always been about money
1/6/2009It’s a lot easier being ‘green’ on someone else’s greenback, eh?
1/6/2009Seals vs. pigs
28/5/2009The Cuter The Animal, The Better The Publicity
28/5/2009GG gets local award for raising Inuit issues
26/5/2009Governor General Michaelle Jean cuts out heart of seal and eats it
20/5/2009Twillingate sealer blames federal government
19/5/2009European seal hunt hypocrisy
15/5/2009Many EU MEPs ambivalent on seal ban decision
15/5/2009Political animals
12/5/2009Politics of the Plate: Seal of Disapproval
12/5/2009WWF blames EU for overfishing Grand Banks cod
11/5/2009Money Talks
6/5/2009Canada threatens WTO complaint over European seal product ban
6/5/2009European law spells end for traditional Scottish sporran
6/5/2009Greenland: Seal ban is murder of a culture
5/5/2009EU takes aim at Canada, bans seal products
4/5/2009WWF-Canada: European Union Main Offender in Overfishing Cod
4/5/2009Sea Shepherd trial will go ahead, judge rules
1/5/2009Arctic Council rejects EU's observer application
26/4/2009Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Responds to Humane Society of the United States
26/4/2009All animal slaughtering behind closed doors
26/4/2009Knee-jerk reaction follows knee-jerk reaction in tragic bus driver story
26/4/2009Norway critical to proposed ban on trade in seal products
26/4/2009Norway Threatens WTO Suit if EU Bans Seal Imports
21/4/2009Animal rights activist on FBI's 'Most Wanted Terrorists' list
16/4/2009Seal meat becoming popular in Montreal restaurants
15/4/2009Backing seal hunt does not equal bloodthirsty
13/4/2009Canada right to fight proposed EU ban of seal products
13/4/2009Slow start to seal hunt in northern Gulf of St. Lawrence: DFO
8/4/2009Weather conditions poor as seal hunt opens in northern Gulf: Fisheries
7/4/2009Scottish fish farmers 'conducting secret seal slaughter'
7/4/2009Save the slugs?
7/4/2009Proposed EU ban on seal products 'disappointing': Cannon
6/4/2009Canada to take action against EU over seal product ban
3/4/2009Nunavut to lobby EU during seal ban delay
2/4/2009Decision should be left to those with most knowledge
31/3/2009EU votes for a full ban on seal products
29/3/2009The North Sea Seal Crisis
27/3/2009PETA Killed 95 Percent of Adoptable Pets in its Care During 2008
26/3/2009Canada's seal hunt to proceed amid criticism, but with some support
26/3/2009Inuit Need Commercial Seal Hunt
26/3/2009Nunavut MLAs vote to oppose EU seal product ban
26/3/2009Plenty of Gulf ice posing navigational challenges
25/3/2009 The Seal Hunt: The Tree that Hides the Forest
24/3/2009Weather delays seal hunt
23/3/2009Annual seal hunt underway in Gulf of St. Lawrence
23/3/2009Seal hunt opens; remains sustainable says Fisheries official
22/3/2009Minister Shea Announces the 2009 Management Measures for the Atlantic Seal Hunt
21/3/2009Ottawa ups quota to 338,200 for this year’s seal hunt
20/3/2009Getting out real facts on the seal hunt
20/3/2009Say it loud, say it proud: we love our seal meat
20/3/2009European seal bans worry Nunavut politicians
20/3/2009Veterinarians train sealers to kill humanely
19/3/2009Join the club
18/3/2009European vote brings new focus to seal hunt
17/3/2009Hunting seals on the floes of Spring Garden
12/3/2009Inuit say provisions in EU anti-sealing bill won't protect their communities
11/3/2009Feds warn against seal hunt misinformation
11/3/2009Inuit on sealing: We want your mind, not your money
11/3/2009Ecologists defend the seal-hunters
8/3/2009Quebec senator tells Europeans to mind their own business about seal hunt
6/3/2009Ottawa must defend seal-hunters' livelihoods
5/3/2009Seal hunt circus rolls into Ottawa
4/3/2009Seal bill clubbed with lack of support
4/3/2009Liberal Party reiterates support for a sustainable seal hunt
4/3/2009WTO Retaliation Threatened as EU Seal Ban Draws Closer
2/3/2009EU votes on proposed ban lead to tense times for Canada's seal hunt
27/2/2009Ottawa seeks buyer for anti-sealing ship Farley Mowat
25/2/2009MEPs to vote on partial ban on seal products
25/2/2009Seal populations continue to explode off New England
20/2/2009Minister Shea Continues to Defend the Canadian Seal Hunt
19/2/2009Fur institute helps with seal harvest
17/2/2009Seal pelt prices expected to drop; Industry has questions about spring hunt
17/2/2009Seal hunt goes ahead off Cape Breton
6/2/2009Days numbered for Bonneville Dam sea lions
22/1/2009Proposed seal-trade ban harpooned
21/1/2009Canada, Greenland come under fire over seal hunt as EU considers ban
14/1/2009New Seal Regs Aim to Stave off EU Ban
14/1/2009Clarifying the facts about the seal hunt
14/1/2009C.B. lawyer drops out of Farley Mowat seal hunt case
6/1/2009Regulations Amending the Marine Mammal Regulations
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