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29/12/2008Ottawa amends seal-hunt rules in face of EU ban
29/12/2008New rules won't stop critics: N.S. sealer
7/12/2008Capsized sealing vessel report calls for towing review
1/12/2008Sealers fear they’ll have to make costly boat upgrades
20/11/2008No change in seal hunt despite EU threat: new fisheries minister
14/11/20087 Things You Didn't Know About HSUS
3/9/2008They have nothing better to do
25/8/2008How Canada Can Save Its Endangered Seal Hunt
14/8/2008TSB looks for further input into deadly East Coast sinking
5/8/2008European Commission proposes seal ban
31/7/2008Canada mulls expansion of Nova Scotia seal hunt
31/7/2008A big money plot
23/7/2008 Minister Hearn Responds to Proposed European Union Ban on Trade of Seal Products
23/7/2008Government of Nunavut Responds to Proposed EU Ban
15/7/2008European Commission vote on proposed seal products ban pushed to next week
13/7/2008Sealers brace for impact on industry as EU discusses import ban
12/7/2008Feds not fighting to save seal hunt: N. L. government
4/7/2008Proposal for trade ban on 'inhumane' seal products faces EU vote
2/6/2008Cute, cuddly, edible
2/6/2008Animal rights activist accused of uni bomb attempt
2/6/2008 Seal Hunt and Efforts to Fight Illegal Fishing Dominate NAFMC Meeting
29/5/2008Extreme Animal Rights Groups: Do They Really Help Animals?
28/5/2008Humans have rights too
27/5/2008Prime Minister Must Place Seal Industry on Official Agenda During Upcoming Trip to Europe
27/5/2008Five in hot water over TV goldfish (Beyond rediculous)
20/5/2008Kangaroo cull whingers should shut up
18/5/2008Bogus bear frenzy won't help save species or cool the planet
14/5/2008Arctic Bay students join in seal hunt
14/5/2008Sealers receiving threatening phone calls
9/5/2008‘Let’s fight, claw and spit back’
6/5/2008PETA and Euthanasia
1/5/2008Court to hear arguments on future of anti-sealing vessel on May 9
22/4/2008May take weeks to finish small-boat hunt: sealers
21/4/2008'Optics' preventing B.C. seal cull
21/4/2008Mayors take aim at protesters print this article
19/4/2008Seal hunt protests misguided
18/4/2008Cruelty in the name of optics
18/4/2008Dear Diary: Paul Watson, anti-seal hunt activist
17/4/2008Bardot on trial for allegedly inciting hatred
16/4/2008Why I don't support the seal hunt protest and why Stephen Harper does
15/4/2008Seal of disapproval
15/4/2008N.S. sealer: It was ‘attempted murder’
15/4/2008Feds must impose sanctions against those banning seal products: Byrne
14/4/2008Williams assails anti-sealing activist Watson as 'terrorist'
13/4/2008Anti-sealing activists appear in court
13/4/2008Anti-sealers to be released on bail
12/4/2008Final phase of seal hunt begins off N.L.
12/4/2008Labrador MP to participate in seal hunt
12/4/2008Federal officers board and seize protest vessel in the Gulf of St. Lawrence
7/4/2008Maritime sealers return to ice
6/4/2008Islanders pay final respects to dead sealers
6/4/2008Crusader against the seal hunt goes over the top with vicious diatribe on hunters
6/4/2008Charges laid against the captain and chief officer of the Farley Mowat
4/4/2008Angry fishermen in St Pierre chase seal hunt protesters from port
4/4/2008Hearn vows anti-sealing ship will be charged
4/4/2008St-Pierre fishermen chase anti-sealing ship from harbour
4/4/2008Retired admiral to probe sinking of seal hunt vessel
4/4/2008Life and death in the Iles de la Madeleine
3/4/2008Seal hunt protesters to be charged
3/4/2008Reliving the horror
2/4/2008Sealers, Coast Guard at odds
2/4/2008Canadian officials, sealers appeal to EU not to impose ban on seal products
2/4/2008Eat fish? Support a sealer!
2/4/2008Coals of fire
2/4/2008Sealer Says Sea Shepherd Society Vessel Could Have Caused Tragedy
1/4/2008Canada wants to correct 'disturbing, false . . . images'
31/3/2008Survivor of capsized boat questions towing operation
31/3/2008Seal hunt protest vessel, Canadian coast guard collide at sea
29/3/2008One missing, three dead as sealing boat capsizes off Cape Breton
28/3/2008Mind yourself at seal hunt, Canada warns Watson
27/3/2008Government of Canada Stands Up For Sealers and the Rule of Law
26/3/2008Hearn warns seal protesters that he'll be watching
26/3/2008Canadians head to Europe to lobby for seal hunt
25/3/2008Canada's Annual Seal Hunt Starts Friday
20/3/2008Government of Newfoundland and Labrador slams PETA for seal video
20/3/2008Nunavut’s day of the seal
16/3/2008Pro-sealing rally in St. John's draws enthusiastic crowd
16/3/2008Support for sealers
12/3/2008University sues animal rights activists
12/3/2008Animal rights activist on uni arson charge
10/3/2008New sealing rules in place for more humane hunt
10/3/2008More humane seal hunt takes to ice
10/3/2008Minister Hearn Announces 2008 Management Measures for Atlantic Seal Hunt
8/3/2008McCartney invited to see the seal hunt
5/3/2008High tolerance for terror
4/3/2008Radical group accused of burning 3 Seattle-area homes
3/3/2008Star appeal, possibility of European ban loom over this year's seal hunt
3/3/2008Anti sealers transform your emotions into cold hard cash
2/3/2008Animal-rights terrorism threatens life-saving medical research
1/3/2008When Good Intentions Turn Evil
29/2/2008Grey seal hunt hampered by thin ice
29/2/2008Police investigate similarities in attacks on UCSC, Berkeley researchers
29/2/2008Sea ice moving in, may affect seal hunt
28/2/2008Human against human
27/2/2008Sable Island seal cull sought
27/2/2008Animal-rights activists invade Europe
27/2/2008One restaurant has given in to intimidation and changed its menu. How many more will follow?
26/2/2008UCSC researcher's family attacked at home
23/2/2008'Animal rights activists gone wild' - no laughing matter
23/2/2008Controversial C.B. seal hunt over
22/2/2008DFO considers action against animal rights groups
22/2/2008European seal ban; Hearn says Canada won’t sit on its hands
21/2/2008UCLA files for injunction
21/2/2008Black bear hunt raffle innovative, educational
20/2/2008Seal harvest hardly an evil endeavour
19/2/2008European ambassador says seal hunt debate shrouded in sentimentality
19/2/2008Out Front
18/2/2008Local MEP only wants to show “other side” of seal hunt
15/2/2008Slaughter or conservation?
15/2/2008The education solution
14/2/2008Target: medical research
13/2/2008FBI-wanted ‘animal rights extremist'
12/2/2008Auction house expects more seal pelt sales
12/2/2008Irish MEP backs Canadian seal hunt
11/2/2008N.S. gives permission for limited grey seal cull to protect fish species
11/2/2008Pro-animal testing group in rally
11/2/2008Barbed wire: On subject of slaughter, horse sense in short supply
11/2/2008Trial begins Monday in firebombing at University of Washington
11/2/2008Heather Mills cheated on Paul McCartney for six months (Good for a laugh)
8/2/2008UCLA Professor's House Is Firebombed
8/2/2008Fishermen after higher grey seal quota
7/2/2008Annual Seal Hunt Misinformation Campaign Starts Again
7/2/2008The Animal Activist's Agenda
7/2/2008Protecting Researchers And Research From Anti-Animal Research Extremists
7/2/2008Activists lack self-esteem
6/2/2008Anti-Seal Hunt Supporters in Europe Don't Understand the Issue, says Fisheries Ambassador
5/2/2008YOUR VIEW: Animal rights groups deceptive
4/2/2008Your Attention Please
2/2/2008Jail for firebomb threat menace
1/2/2008No transparency, disclosure in lobbying activities
1/2/2008Sealing as Worthwhile
30/1/2008Canada and the WTO in the 21st Century
30/1/2008Debating the future of the seal hunt
29/1/2008Loss of slaughter plants reins in horse market, leads to suffering
29/1/2008The anti-sealing campaign is ramping up
28/1/2008Recent calls to end seal hunt are reviving old battles - and fears
26/1/2008Of seals and votes
20/1/2008Inuit cautioned about 'traditional' exemptions in European seal bans
18/1/2008Animal rights suspect arrested
18/1/2008Consumer Group Asks Virginia Government to Reclassify PETA as a Slaughterhouse
17/1/2008Canada Committed to a Humane Seal Hunt
17/1/2008European study considers tools used in Canada's sealing operations effective
17/1/2008Climate change cure is warm and fuzzy
17/1/2008Animal Welfare a Heated Issue
16/1/2008Dutch court lets paedophile party contest country's general election
15/1/2008Fur fights back
11/1/2008Fisheries minister tears into former colleague Sullivan
11/1/2008Another hit for the seal industry
9/1/2008European seal product bans 'a crisis': industry group
9/1/2008Opportunity on Horizon for Canadian Sealers
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