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21/11/2007Filmmaker explores province's seal hunt
14/10/2007Freedom to trade and personal liberty also apply to the fur trade
14/10/2007Greenpeace urges kangaroo consumption to fight global warming
27/9/2007Canada starts trade dispute with the EU over seals
27/9/2007Sealing the lie
26/9/2007Canada files complaint over seal product block
25/9/2007Mexican animal rights group's complaint against seal hunt dismissed
20/9/2007Confront animal rights fanatics
18/9/2007Gene Simmons may protest hunt: report; Aging rocker could aim reality show
4/9/2007P.E.I. court upholds convictions in longstanding seal hunt case
29/8/2007Seal Hunt Part of Managing Our Natural Resources
15/8/2007Don't trust anti-forestry activists: Greenpeace founder
13/8/2007Hunters fear seal bans will hurt industry
10/8/2007Canada Minister says animal rights groups mislead about nature of annual seal hunt
6/8/2007MP hopes Ottawa uses morality to challenge Belgium seal ban
4/8/2007Five Things
1/8/2007Ottawa prepares WTO challenge on Belgian seal ban
1/8/2007National Round Table Applauds Government of Canada's Defence of Sustainable Use Principles
31/7/2007Canada To Request WTO Consultaions On Belgium's Ban On The Importation Of Seal Products
26/7/2007U.S. critic of seal hunt accused of lying
23/7/2007Respond to Dutch seal ban, Inuit group asks Ottawa
6/7/2007Cows with guns
27/6/2007PETA worker charged with theft of deputy's hunting dog
22/6/2007European Union Hypocrisy Thicker Than Seal Blood
18/5/2007International seal conference likely to be held in Halifax
16/5/2007EU opposes seal hunting in Canada but finances it in the Baltics
6/5/2007Eco-Extremist Wants World Population to Drop below 1 Billion
5/5/2007Seal appeal; Fur Institute pressuring feds to challenge Belgian ban
3/5/2007Sealers stuck in ice pass the time with cards, movies
3/5/2007ITK Applauds Committee Report in Support of Sealing
2/5/2007Sealing important for economy of Atlantic Canada
30/4/2007Defend seal hunt against 'misinformation' campaigns, says committee
23/4/2007Hunters not to blame in seal deaths: officials
18/4/2007Crushing ice puts home-bound N.L. sealers at risk
13/4/2007Heavy ice keeps dozens of vessels from seal hunt
11/4/2007Sealers poised for hunt off N.L. coast
10/4/2007Canada's Inuit stand by East Coast sealers
7/4/2007Humane Hype and the Seafood Boycott That Wasn’t
6/4/2007Seal hunt delayed for Newfoundland fishers
6/4/2007Bashed over the head with a seal
5/4/2007Canada/EU Regulations: Seal Hunters Hit Back Over Trade Attack
31/3/2007Fisheries Official On Hunt For The Truth
30/3/2007Feds Acting Responsibly
30/3/2007No Icebergs, No Pack Ice ... Where Is Paul Watson When We Need Him?
30/3/2007ITK President Mary Simon Underlines Urgency of Action to Intervene in European Plans to Impose Bans
29/3/2007Ottawa cuts seal quota but describes herd as healthy
29/3/2007Minister Hearn Announces 2007 Management Measures for Atlantic Seal Hunt
29/3/2007Carino: A Survivor's Story
28/3/2007Are We Targeting The Wrong Audience?
27/3/2007Seal hunting Inuits warm European politicians to not boycott seal products
26/3/2007Seal Protest Makes A Killing
26/3/2007Canada Defends Seal Hunt In EU
26/3/2007Canadian delegation meets with anti-sealing Europe
21/3/2007Canadian seal hunters
19/3/2007I'd rather wear fur than go naked
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