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Reply form Joseph,
Dear Sumbag,

As i read your last e/mail to me, you only spoke about the fact that i put an MD after my name, why not talk about trash like yourself and lets talk about" YOU HUNTERS". I saw up close the 2011 "hunt" and i must say that you are a JOKE,calling yourself a hunter. What you should do IS GET A REAL JOB and not some bullshit work that you call "HUNTING".

HOPE your kids go to school so they won't end up trash like their father.
And by the way i treat people with cancer,so that is NOT JUST A JOB asshole,but a noble calling.

Talk to me about killing baby seals for a few dollars,
Take to me about the way you kill these babies,sum bag.
I saw up close and trust me you are no HUNTER.

Talk to you soon,Trash, And lets keep to the hunt.
P.S. Maybe you will get cancer or someone in your family, THEN YOU WONT THINK ITS JUST A JOB, ASSHOLE.
Hi Joseph,

I will quickly touch on the doctor thing because it seems I hit a nerve then move on to sealing though we never really started on sealing as you haven’t offered up anything more than idle threats and unsubstantiated insults. So here we go.

You started the doctor discussion by signing it to your name. What relevance that had or why you did so…maybe you can enlighten me but from my experience of dealing with people such as you, such things are done in an attempt to acquire validation or relevance in an attempt to add worth to ones words. Now if the doctor thing is true I experienced a degree of shock because how one could say this,

“you people should die a painful death,just the way the seals do. and since the seals you kill are just babies maybe god will take yours too.”


“i hope GOD takes your kids”

And then claim to be a doctor boggled me. Call for the deaths of children then claim to be a doctor, you can understand my shock. Now in reference to your last comment, I hate to inform you but being a cancer doctor is a job pal. Noble calling….please…how much is your annual salary (Specialists here make anywhere from 300K to 600K)? Do you hate being a doctor? It would be a noble calling if you garnered very little reward in making the sacrifices you have to become a doctor or if you hate doing it but continue to do so for the betterment of those around you. You can climb down off your self-constructed pedestal because that crap doesn’t fly here. Just because your job has emotional strings attached doesn’t make you any different than the rest of us mere mortals. And yes, my sister and mother have/have had cancer but such emotional trappings don’t make me look at their doctors any differently than my mechanic or my children’s teachers, people doing their job and I hope they are good at it. Lastly, I rarely if ever do this but I will make the exception for you, how can you be a self respecting professional on any level and show the English language the complete disregard you have in all your comments. Your spelling and grammar are atrocious. I would expect far better from a doctor. Sumbag? What, I like to count bags now? Not once but three times across two separate comments. You wield the English language like an ogre does a club.

Now on to more important topics, the lack of substance in your comments in how it relates to…well…anything. First off, you’re obviously not a research doctor otherwise you would have been able to easily discern from reading the first link on the site that I’m not a seal hunter, nor do I participate in the hunt in any fashion and nor am I connected to the hunt in any way. Aside from that your comments have contained nothing more than baseless insults aside from your assertion that the seals killed are babies. Let me try to break this down in a way you might be able to understand Dr. J….Can I call you Dr. J? You see within the animal kingdom all animals develop at different rates. It’s arguable but you’re human and as a human you develop far slower than a harp seal which is one of the fastest developing mammals on the planet. Harp seals are left to face the harshness of nature at two weeks of age. They are killed no less than one month of age, twice as old as their age of maturity. They hunt and fend for themselves, autonomous of either parental entity. I don’t know about you Dr. J but that doesn’t sound like a baby to me. Do you have anything of substance you wish to discuss on the issue or just more verbal diarrhea which does nothing but break the Hippocratic Oath you took when becoming a doctor?

Take care,
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