Hate may be a little strong for some of the E-mails contained within this section. Some are far from hate mail but if I found an E-mail to be negative in any way I put it in this section. To those reasonable few who may find their E-mails in here, there is no insult intended and I am sure my response will attest to this. All E-mails are presented as they were received.
I welcome all comments. You can find my comments page HERE.

New York, New York, United States
Why can't you "hunters" find something else to do for money for your family. you must be GERAT ROLE MODELS for your kids....
Seal Lover
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Hey Loser!Looks like your funding from the federal Governemnt, or whoever was funding this hateful site has run out of money to pay you for your garbage, either that or you are finally sick of saying ...
Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Why is sealing the only occupation in Canada where you can collect welfare oops UI while trying to make a few bucks being butchers ?...
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom
I love all animals and do not condone any animal cruelty of any kind. I'm sure people would love being beat in the head and hooked through the face, sounds like fun hey. NOT!...
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
"Coward Sealers" - who have no "Nuts or Brains", have bashed in the heads, and sliced open, while (reported still alive) millions of "Baby Mammals". Virtually "Annihilating an entire species"....
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