Carbonear, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada
Hello Mike, As i was watching a TV program "Swamp people" the other night i noticed how unregulated this alligator hunt really is (as i heard one of the American hunters say when they noticed that there lines had been cut by poachers, "We have no one to call against poachers/thieves as we have no authority's to monitor this hunt") especially compared to the very tightly regulated Canadian seal hunt, I have watched a # of episodes of this swamp people show & almost every show there are numerous counts of the way they hunt/handle their alligators that would land the Canadian seal hunter in court & or seizures of their boat & or gear,for example.... setting baited hooks, dragging them to the surface & taking one handed rifle shots, long range shots from 22 cal.rifles, dragging the alligators aboard & performing no blink reflexes etc.... Now not that i have any problems with someone making a living off the land or water! but where are the likes of those money sucking animal rights groups? I guess the sight of a big ugly alligator getting hooked overnight & shot the next day is not the ideal photo opt for their campaigns ? I would love to see Paul Watson or Rebecca try to get a picture taken of himself hugging an alligator or even aggravate those alligator hunters they wouldn't make it out of those swamps probably! hahaha! Anyways keep up the great work there mike!
Hi Don,

You echo my sentiments exactly. I have watched the show a few times as well and am amazed. I agree with you that people should be able to live off the land but in regards to alligator hunting I would like to see some form of monitoring, studies into the most humane ways to kill the animal and restrictions on firearms used etc.

In regards to why there isn't a huge outcry by animal rights groups, the hunting takes place in Louisiana and I would love to see Watson attempt his BS down there as we all know the most probable outcome. Secondly, there is no profit in fighting for an ugly scaly predator when that predator has occasionally fed on humans and their pets. It's much easier to make cash off the back of the fuzzy cute predator that eats fish.

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