Montreal, Quebec, Canada

If you read in french, you should get your hands on the book «La grande mouvée», by Pol Chantraine. Maybe there is an english version, i'm not sure.
It's a book about traditional seal hunting in the Magdalen Islands, Quebec. The hunt and all that surrounds it is described beautifully and you get to understand all the cultural tradition behind the activity and why it is so important for the hunters.

It would be a great cultural loss for Canada (and the world) to lose those men and the way of life they inherited from their fathers and their grandfathers.

Hi Sebastien,

Pardon the delay. You talk about a way of life etc and I would agree with you completely but what people need to realize is this is also good for the seals and more importantly, their ecosystem as well. Ultimately the seal hunt represents nothing more than an easy target to those who wish to make the real money from it, animal rights groups. It is a veritable marketing gold mine and they have been cashing in on it for the past 40+ years. When you make the tradition argument the anti's response is to take some completely deplorable act form the past and attempt to associate all traditions to it such as saying slavery was a traditional occupation or mutilating the sexual organs of young females in certain cultures is a traditional act. Anti's are masters at wielding the propaganda epée as it is all they have, they have no fact or research to back their emotion laden perspective.

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