Mirror, Alberta, Canada
Whenever we use any product from an animal it means that an animal may have died. Of course we can get eggs from a chicken or milk from a cow, but chicken legs and filet mignon require a rather different contribution from the animal. That is as it has been for eons.

We have a large deer population here in Alberta many of which died on our highways last winter. I am willing to bet that a lot of those deer died lingering deaths. As an ethical hunter the deer that I shoot will not be done that disservice.

I am wanting to buy some seal skin to use for making arrow rests on traditional archery tackle. This has long been used as such because it is tough and slippery.

The people from the fur auction in Winnipeg suggested that I might contact you.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Hi Dave,

Pardon the delay. If you take a look at the links section of the site you will find the E-mail information for Carino Co. and NuTan Furs. I would think one of those companies can do something for you. Good luck!

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