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Although I personally do not agree with the Commercial Seal Slaughter I feel like people should seriously become educated with regard to the horrific deaths and torture of animals (pigs, cows, etc) in factory slaughterhouses. This is extremely disgusting; both in the USA and Canada.

Clubbing seals to death just for their skins/fur/pelts isn't right -- my opinion. What factory slaughterhouses do to animals is much worse...
Hi Marsha,

Please excuse the delay in getting back to you, between vacation time and E-mail problems I have been out of the loop for awhile. I totally agree with you that the industrial approach to meat production is not the model we should be supporting. I much more appreciate the old small farm model which, my impression, was more focused on the well being of the animal thus increasing the quality of the final product and the quality of life for the animals. Also what the animals were feed is much different than the heavily corn based diet for cows in the industrial model. The small farm model also provided more employment for people across a much larger geographical area. Of course, take this for what you will as I am by no means steeped in farm knowledge.

In regards to killing seals I would have to disagree with you, surprise surprise right? :) I would point out to you that less than 5% on average of seals killed are clubbed and they are also used for their blubber and meat. The thing you need to realize is that seals are not just killed for products but also as a means to control their population. Even though the seal hunt is active, due to the last few years of reduced participation I can only assume there will be a call for a cull. The reason why the herd will be culled even though in such a situation nothing of the animal will be used is the same reason seals are culled all around the world, to reduce their predatory impact on other species.

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