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Im through trying to understand humanity. People act like they care so much about life and morality but all they do is slaughter and take and take from this once beautiful planet. just because the seals cost you money does not mean you have the right to end their lives, you are not god. I doubt it matters but I weep every day for the seals and any other animal that suffers at the hand of anyone. I dont think its really relevant to leave all those threats people like me are so fond of... I could easily wish that you choke on the blood of those you kill but I dont wish that, I wish for peace. While I will not live to see my wish granted, I can only sincerly hope that people like you come to see the error of your ways. I almost know for certain that you wont however because it is in the human nature to be stubborn. I know I have not changed your mind on anything, I just think its important that you see that people will not stop caring for seals, and we will do everything in our power to stop you.
Hi Caitlin,

It doesn't sound like you should be trying to figure out humanity but rather, in the case of this issue, you should be trying to understand eco-systems, how they work and the relationship of predator and prey. You seem to think that I'm a sealer when I have nothing to do with the hunt at all. The fact is Caitlin, because I know of what I just mentioned and because I care about seals I try to inform people of the truth surrounding this issue. In the early 1970's the harp seal population was just under 2 million. In 2004 populations were just under 6 million and this year the population is estimated at being over 10 million. It took over 30 years for the population to increase by the first 4 million and only 7 years for the second 4 million. While the whole idea of Mother Nature doing the balancing work sounds all warm and fuzzy it simply isn't, it's unpredictable and cruel. If you think a couple of videos depicting seals choking on blood is an accurate representation of the seal hunt then you have effectively been misled. If you think a few cases of unintentional inhumane killing is worse than the affects that starvation and eventual disease will have on the harp seal herd then you are....well....misguided would be the polite term.

At the end of the day Caitlin, we affect the animal species around us. God is not going to step in to help a species because we put in a road or a pipeline which is going to have devastating effects on that species. It is our responsibility to study the animal species, identify the affects of what we're doing are having and will have and steward the animal species around us to minimize our impact. We need to identify what is best for them based on the affects we are having. It must be nice to sit in California and decree what is appropriate and not appropriate for people to be doing thousands of miles away when you don't have the first inkling of what is truly happening or the ramifications of doing one thing or another. The main difference between the pro and anti side of this issue is that the pro side have a pretty good idea of what will happen if we do A or B because we base our understanding of the issue on scientific study and research, otherwise known as the facts. The anti side of the issue couldn't tell you what will happen if you do A or B because the origins of the anti ideal comes from groups making millions from it who couldn't care less what happens and their followers blindly believe the same because it sounds all warm and fuzzy and Walt Disney. However, much like most of Walt Disney's works, the anti ideal is not based in fact and is far from reality while not having a clue regarding the ramifications of their actions.

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