Sandiego, California, United States
I agree with your statements 100%. Its the responsibility of humans to insure that the earth is taken care of. The fact is that we live in a altered world, the eco system has been thrown off balance from reasons that are both environmental and human based. Animals cannot thrive in the wild anymore. Therefore captive breeding is the only way to save them from extinction. I personally believe that people should have the right to care and own wild exotic animals in private homes, granted that the prospective owners have taken husbandry courses and animal welfare laws are followed. (There are simply not enough zoos in the world to save a species.) The AR needs to understand what hunting really is about and the kind of people hunters really are. Most hunters dont get off on killing animals and the minority ignorant few should be ashamed of themselves. Many hunters are animal lovers themselves and want to be a part of the balance of nature. People hunt also to feed there familys healthy meet. (One deer can feed 500 hundred people,) Also the funds that come from hunting licenses go to fish and game to continue conservation methods and also care of local populations. For example a wolf pack in Alaska had a mange out break, fish and game was able to treat the pack and prevent the mange from spreading to other animals and packs. The seal hunting is just another example of human based conservation. If the population goes uncheacked then they will eventually all die from starvation. Thank You for being a voice of reality.
Hi Cynthia,

It's all about the pictures we paint for people. There are those that have a negative perception of hunting and hunters because that is the only side the media is interested in. They aren't interested in people doing something properly, they want the sensationalism of when someone is doing something inappropriately thus, in many cases, that is our only representation of a certain group of people or activity. Excuse the rant here but, in my opinion, this is just one facet of the absolute useless and irresponsible nature of today's media. The only mainstream proof one needs for that statement is the whole Japan earthquake debacle. It's pretty sad when the percentage of what the media is getting right is far less than what they are getting wrong and when you consider the power the media has, in some cases the power of life and death depending on the amount of hysteria which can be caused, it is beyond grossly irresponsible.

I would like to thank you for showing that you can actually care very deeply for animals but still agree with the hunting of those animals and realise the need of human intervention at times. This is one of the main misconceptions of people who deem themselves animal lovers. Because they don't understand eco-system dynamics and the gravity of Mother Nature's iron fist approach to species balancing and population control, they feel it is just plain wrong to kill an animal. It would seem that due to the video nation we have become maybe I need some time elapsed footage of animals starving to death and experiencing death via disease for many on the anti side of this issue to understand. That being said, for many, this issue is about every manner of thing besides the seals themselves.

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