Stettler, Alberta, Canada
Hello i just wanted to write this comment to share my views on this topic. I fully support the seal hunt and actually want to see more of it especially in the native communities who have had there culture destroyed during the years by allot of things. As someone who has studied native cultures i understand the significance of the seal hunt to a large majority of the Native population who live in Quebec, the maritime provinces and Newfoundland and Labrador, without the seal hunt allot of these communities would be forced to spend what little money they make on fur instead of making it themselves. They also use allot of the parts for food to feed there families so people who just are calling to ban the seal hunt are saying they want the people who have suffered through horrendous acts of violence too just go do something else is unethical and very stupid also. Too not seem like I only care about the native communities of our great country the people who live in Newfoundland and Labrador also depend on the seal hunt for there lively hood allot of people are barely making it through everyday and the seal hunt has a chance to get them and there families through till the next seal hunt. I would really like to become an active person in promoting the seal hunt and its history so if there is a way to do it can you please let me know?. Thank you and good luck to all the people who depend on the seal hunt,I hope for a very successful year for them
Hi George,
At the end of the day, there isn't much difference between the functioning of the Aboriginal seal hunt and the Caucasian hunt. Both hunt seals to augment their annual income via the sale of pelts to processors. In many cases the same processors buy pelts/blubber from hunters located in all seal hunting communities, Aboriginal and Caucasian. Aboriginal hunters don't take as many seals in a season because they mainly hunt ring seals which have a much smaller quota due to being a much smaller population in comparison to the harp seal. In regards to what you can do, research the issue thoroughly and when online of otherwise, when you see or hear someone quoting misinformation be willing to step forward and point it out.

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