Gimli, Manitoba, Canada
Hi Mike,
I'm not sure if I totaly agree with your views but you have some very valid points. I came across your site when I was looking for a paper for school on the pro side of seal hunting in order to do a comparison with my own views, and I have to say at the beginning I couldn't see how anyone could NOT find this terrible. I'm still not for it, but you've opened my eyes to the crap the organizations feed us. I hope we can find a solution that pleases both sides of the argument.
Hi Jen,
That is all I can really ask and I find it a commendable trait in people when they can challenge their perspective and be honest enough to say that maybe they never had it completely right. It is commendable and rare. Good luck with your paper and if you ever have any questions or wish to discuss the issue don't hesitate to send me an E-mail.

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