Brussels, Ontario, Canada
Hi Mike, Thanks for hosting this site. Like you, I have no connection to the seal hunt, but I share your difficulty in accepting money-grabbing animal rights activists who just don't want to be confused with the facts. I have been looking at the hate mail and it is amazing how little factual discussion there really is. A lot of it is just ignorant name-calling. It is sad how Paul Watson and Paul McCartney chose to mislead people and feed them nonsense. The stupidest show that I ever watched was the Larry King show where Danny Williams invited Paul and Heather to Newfoundland. They said "We are there", even though they were in Nova Scotia. There is such a cult of misinformation going on. I have been to Newfoundland and I loved the people there. They were so down to earth and friendly. I do get upset with the insults from people who know nothing about Newfoundlanders. I have also been to Nunavut and it makes me sad that activists don't realize that even if they think it okay for Inuit to hunt seals, a ban on products affects them big time. Keep up the good work.
Hi Margie,

Sorry for the delay. I have to admit that I fall prey to droning out ignorant name-calling from time to time as well. I guess it all depends on my mood, what the individual has written to me and my patience with the issue at that particular time. I have said before and there are many on the anti side who would strongly disagree but I'm only human and it shows from time to time. :)

Strange as this may be, but in defence of some of the insult wielding folk who have written to me, my theory has always been that they have been whipped into an emotional fervour by the time they get here by reading the nonsense or watching the videos on animal rights sites. Its not hard to get people emotionally invested by showing animals being killed, it is a tactic and nothing more. In my opinion, the people in the hate mail section who seem over the edge have simply been manipulated. Maybe I need to get some video and images of animals starving to death and put it together with some dramatic music and leading commentary then ask people which they think is worse for the animal. Maybe start and anti Mother Nature campaign while telling people if they give enough money she can be stopped. ;) Funny thing about that is animal rights groups have been telling people for the last 40 years that if they give enough money the seal hunt will be stopped, how much do they need exactly.

In regards to people making ill-natured comments toward Newfoundlanders or any other distinct group of people my theory has always been this, for the most part people are the cause of the troubles and difficulties in thier lives but there are those who are either too stupid or so delusional they have an inability to identify it thus they look for someone else to blame. "It's not my fault I don't have a job because of <>." "<> wouldn't survive if my hard earned tax dollars weren't funding them." Either they make excuses for themselves by blaming others or they bolster their self-confidence by coming up with fantastical reasons why they are better than others. The same is applied to those they are envious of, they have to demean them. When I lived in Vancouver I knew a guy who didn't appreciate Chinese people which seemed to be due to them owning the cars that he liked, illogical and moronic. Needless to say I distanced myself from the individual. When I hear someone attacking or demeaning a specific group of people I have to ask myself what neuroses the speaker has, is it self-confidence issues or are they completely unable to self-analyse and accurately lay blame.

You are very correct, studies have shown there was an increase in suicides and alcoholism in Inuit communities from the last European ban due to loss of work which was linked to loss of pride garnered from being able to provide. Unfortunately caring for the Inuit or any other coastal peoples is mere posturing, another facet to add to the mosaic of hypocrisy in this issue.

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