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Hey Mike:

The Seal Hunt Chronicles will be going live on March 15th. Be sure to check it out!
Hi Carl,

Pardon the delay. I like it. It seems you have a similar approach to what I had when starting the site and I believe there should be more of it. Instead of pandering to people who regurgitate animal rights misinformation why not call them for what they are, mindless sheep. I've always thought the problem with this issue is the same with just about every other issue, people who read something from one source or watch a one minute long video and take a knee jerk stand on the issue. To be quite blunt, in my opinion this type of individual is stupid and through their ignorant nature have allowed someone or something, in this case animal rights groups, to mislead and manipulate them. My hope was that if you called them for what they are it might act as a mental slap in the face to where they would actually get so mad at me they would research the issue more and may just find that they had been missing a huge amount of information about the issue and just maybe they had not been told the whole truth from a particular source. A pipe dream I know but it was worth a try. :)

I'll keep checking the site and good luck with it. The best advice I could give is, don't let the hate grind you down. Look at every malcontent as an opportunity to enlighten others through pointing that individual's ignorance.

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