Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Can you tell us where you can buy Seal Meat in Canada (other than Hudson Bay Stores above the 60th parallel).
I live in Vancouver, and cater parties, and konw that many would love to try the meat. It seems from articles it goes to China. And I couldn't find it on the Hill's Foods in Coquitlam, BC seem to sell all types of exotic meats like kangaroo, Elk, Cariboo, Bison, etc, but no Seal Meat. If they can eat it on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, where can everyday Joe Canadian get it to try, and support our Northern Harvesters?

Hi Glenn,

Please accept my apologies for being so delayed in my reply. Until recently transporting seal meat over provincial boundaries was not permitted which has to do with different regulations between fish plants and meat processors. The meat that was shipped to Parliament hill had to be accompanied by government declaration to by-pass these regs. Not too long ago this was addressed and processes were changed so now seal meat is theory anyway. As it stands there aren't many places which ship meat because this is something brand new. I would think your best bet for now is to look online for butcher shops on the Magdalen Islands or in Montreal. Best of luck!

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