Huddersfield, Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Do you know of any online website it is possible to buy products made from seal fur especially coats?

I also really like this coat: which I believe is made from Caribou but have been unable to find any place that would sell something like this online.

If you don't know any online websites for coats made from Seal fur or Caribou, do you know what the best places are to head to in Canada or Norway for buying such Inuit/Eskimo style items and how much they're likely to cost?

I am also interested in what the main areas and communities where sealing takes place in Canada and if you get many foreigners going there on a working holiday to experience what it is like to live in an indigenous community and live off the land?

I hope to go fishing in Canada at some stage in the years ahead for Salmon, Brook Trout and Charr. I'd like to go in Vancover area and also the other side as well in Newfoundland/Quebec etc.

Great site! It is very informative and straight shooting. Keep up the good work.


Hi John,

Pardon my delay in getting back to you. You can try here: and I have seen some seal products here: I believe the first is a Nunavut based company which deal in all manner of seal garments and the use of other materials. Unfortunately there are limited resources Online for seal garments and just about anything else. The finished product industries do a very poor job of marketing themselves and their products in North America but it seems to be getting better....slowly. One would think that now would be the time for them to make a push but such is not the case. That being said, there could very well be other Online sources for these products but I just haven't found them nor have I done business with the ones listed above.

In regards to working and living in a sealing community, I think you would be pretty hard pressed to find somewhere. Not sure of the other sealing areas but in Newfoundland there was a time when some sealing families would bring people out to the hunt so they could get a better understanding of what happens but they were eventually manipulated and deceived by animal rights groups. They used images and video to bastardise the families involved but later came out to admit that they had seen nothing wrong and the sealers performed their tasks in a professional and respectful manner but by that time the damage had been done. Because of this sealers don't take people out anymore.

Glad you liked the site and thank you for your kind words. Good luck!

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