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Hiya Mike, I have a question.
I don't suppose you have run across Senate transcripts of Sen. Harb's Bill being shot down in flaming ruins? I've found the bill but not the transcripts and I can't remember where I'd gotten it previously. I switched over to Linux after my windoze box died so I have to go by memory for most of my sealing facts.
Cheers, hope you are well.
Hi Rob,

From what I can tell it is on their Website but the problem seems to be their Website doesn't work properly. :) Other than that I'm not sure where you would look. I would imagine you could probably E-mail them for the transcripts as well. I browsed the Liberal Senate Forum and there isn't mention of any connection between Harb and the seal hunt even under his personal bio which lists senate activity. If I find more time I'll take another look around.

Bingo Mike. Got it:
Fisheries Act

Bill to Amend—First Reading

Hon. Mac Harb presented Bill S-229, An Act to Amend the Fisheries Act
(commercial seal fishing).
(Bill read first time.)
The Hon. the Speaker pro tempore: Honourable senators,
when shall this bill be read the second time?
An Hon. Senator: Never!
Senator Harb: I move that this bill be placed on the Orders of the Day
for second reading two days hence.
The Hon. the Speaker pro tempore: Is there a seconder
for the motion of Honourable Senator Harb?
Honourable senators, the motion will not be received, since no senator wishes
to second it.
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