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Hi Mike, great site overall and truthfully I haven't given this issue much thought. For the record, I think an outright ban on the seal hunt would be a mistake and I support the right of anyone to make a sustainable living from a local resource. I was just wondering why it's not hypocritical to use Paul Watson's interview to support your argument when you have such a low opinion of the man. He is clearly someone who gets what humans are doing to this planet in the name of short term profit and like all of us he is not perfect. Also, his credentials as a seaman have nothing to do with the seal hunt. This site would benefit from a lot less opinion and personal attacks. Stick to the facts please! Also, calling it "Hate Mail" seems a little petty and puerile. Just a few thoughts, wish I had more time.

Keep up the largely good work

Hi Mike,

Pardon the delay. I'm glad the site was, for the most part, to your liking. Hypocritical, I don't think so. Back in that time, much like today, there were/are so many organizations that piggy back off of the sealing issue. They use the image of the whitecoat on fundraising material but have absolutely no involvement in the issue. The main groups involved raise 10, 20, 30 times as much money annually as the industry makes from the hunt let alone the average fisherman who participates and yet they don't do anything more than to send up a handful of people to get film to use in their next round of fundraising material. The fact is that everything he said in the interview about fundraising organizations using the seal hunt is verifiable fact. It was just nice to see a moment of honestly in the man's life even though he was just bitter at the time and was childishly striking out. If he would have said something that was good for the pro side but was a lie I wouldn't use it.

I get what man is doing to this planet Mike but I believe you approach the problems in an intelligent fashion rather than as an uneducated buffoon like Watson. Yes, uneducated. He is a high-school dropout who never finished his communications degree in university when he finally went back to school. If you are going to stand up in front of the world passing yourself off as an expert in something shouldn't you have some form of education relating to the subject? Especially when the subject entails complex topics as eco-system dynamics, population modeling, etc. Though it would seem he picked up a few jewels of information in those communication classes. Anyone who has half a clue can see he lies in an attempt to manipulate people all to fuel his bloated ego while maybe convincing himself that he is doing it all for the animals. For example, do you really think some Japanese sailor shot him at long range with a pistol. Honestly, don't insult my intelligence. And that is supposed to be doing something good for animals? Really? Oh and in relation to his credentials as a seaman, sure they have relevance because he has no credentials while he says he does, the guy continually lies. If he misrepresents himself in an attempt to give himself credibility is it such a stretch to understand he misrepresents those he fights against in an attempt to discredit them or deceive those as to the true nature of the issue itself?

When you say "This site would benefit from a lot less opinion and personal attacks" I would have to disagree. This site is a personal site and of course some of my opinion is going to filter into the information but I would say just about everything I say is fact or has a very strong basis in fact. In regards to personal attacks, usually I answer comments in the same manner I have been addressed. If people attack me or are snide, deprecating or generally threatening I will act in kind, I think that's fair ball. Contrary to what many on the anti side of this issue may believe, I am human and sometimes I have a bad day so when someone says something mind numbingly stupid I may be a little harsh in my response. It happens and I don't think twice about it because I'm not here to handle people with child gloves and maybe they need to do what I have been doing over the last 4 years of running this site, growing a thicker skin.

While you may find my use of "Hate Mail" petty and childish I find your concern over its use as over analytical and nauseatingly politically correct. Don't mean to be rude but there it is. To be honest, while I was putting together the layout of the site a friend sent me a link to a site, myjokemail.com. At that time the guy had a hate mail section on his site and I thought it was a good idea for organizing comments as the comments with heavy inappropriate language are always what could be classed as hate mail and clean comments are just plain comments. From there I ended up getting confused at times trying to decide where certain comments should appear at which point I decided it was getting ridiculous so I would just put all negative comments in hate mail with the following disclaimer at the top of the section,

"Hate may be a little strong for some of the E-mails contained within this section. Some are far from hate mail but if I found an E-mail to be negative in any way I put it in this section. To those reasonable few who may find their E-mails in here, there is no insult intended and I am sure my response will attest to this. All E-mails are presented as they were received."

That being said, I found when I went to the joke site I gravitated to the hatemail section and interestingly enough it is the most active section on the site.

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