Houston, British Columbia, Canada
Hello. With all the hype about our politicians eating seal or our trade agreement with China, I was wondering If there is even domestic national seal distribution? How come I can't buy seal at the local butcher? Do you know of any companies that ship seal within Canada for consumption? Or should I call up a random house in the territories and get them to send me some?
Hi Jonathan,

Due to the number of similar requests I'm going to copy and paste a response I wrote recently to another commenter asking basically the same questions.

"Until recently there were regulations in place that restricted the sale of seal meat across provincial boundaries. Hopefully now since these regulations have been lifted and the new interest in the meat outside of Eastern Canada coupled with the new deals with China we will see someone step in to fill the void in the area of distribution. I'm sure we are going to see a period of transition while processing plants are sorted out but hopefully after this there will be increased availability, to date seal meat processing has been done by fishermen and sold at local markets but due to the nature of international shipping I'm sure there will need to be fully licensed facilities to do the work. For the time being you may want to check specialty butcher shops in Montreal if any have Websites and check for online businesses in the Magdalen Islands as well. "

If you have any further questions don't hesitate to send them along.

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