Qualicum Beach, British Columbia, Canada
looking for membership and web link doesnt seem to work A little help please...
North River, Nova Scotia, Canada
Hi,I have a raw dog food business in Nova Scotia. I am investigating the possibility of using seal meat in our diet. Price is an important factor. Can you point me in the right direction so ...
Mirror, Alberta, Canada
Whenever we use any product from an animal it means that an animal may have died. Of course we can get eggs from a chicken or milk from a cow, but chicken legs and filet mignon require a rather differ...
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Hi,If you read in french, you should get your hands on the book «La grande mouvée», by Pol Chantraine. Maybe there is an english version, i'm not sure....
Brooklyn, New York, United States
Hi,I am looking to buy seal flippers and other bits and pieces in commercial quantity like a couple of tons at a time for my stores in Asia. Can u please point to me a couple suppliers in canada or an...
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