"From a total of 509 animals examined at this time there was reported to be only one other case of the animal not being rendered unconscious. This appears to be a fantastically high average of humane killing." (99.82%)"
I am certainly not suggesting that the commercial slaughter of livestock is inhumane. I am merely suggesting that the Canadian Commercial Seal Hunt is more humane. The regulations are tighter and highly controlled for sealing as the sealers are in the view of anyone who cares to watch and document the hunt. The humane stunning practices are more precise and thorough than captive bolt pistols with the hakapik, and just as humane with the rifle in the hands of an experienced marksman. There are fail safe methods for ensuring unconsciousness or death that are never employed in slaughterhouses, and the animal is treated with utmost respect and dignity when compared to livestock slaughtered in abattoirs. For Canadian sealers to be treated as so many cruel, heartless barbarians and viewed as inferior beings that are incapable of feeling is untrue, unfair, and unjust. Sealers, like slaughterhouse workers, are the means to an end. They tread through the blood and mess of animal slaughter every day to provide the consumer with the aesthetically pleasing finished product. Sealers are skilled hunters and trained professionals, and deserve the same respect that any abattoir worker would get. These people are human beings who are capable of humility, respect, and dignity towards all creatures, especially the seals they hunt.

Evan Vickers
for The Seal Fishery
April 13, 2010
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