The Humane Society of Canada's Second Reply,
Dear Mike,

Thank you for giving us the benefit of your views, however, as you already know, we do not share them. It is always inspiring for us to receive e mails from people who support cruelty to animals particularly when the object of their attacks is personal rather than factual. What it tells us is that deep down they have serious doubts about their own position.

As much as we would like to continue this discussion, you are going to have to find another playmate. We simply have too much work to do fighting cruelty to animals.

Merry Christmas to you and your family,

Michael O'Sullivan
Chairman & CEO
The Humane Society of Canada
Hi Mike,

Is this really the best you can do? I am noticing a bit of a crack there in your fake civility. You have to realize, civility is neither an argument nor a statement of knowledge. Surprisingly I would have to disagree with you, my attacks have been personal and information/fact based, the complete opposite of your replies which haven't stated much of anything. It is inspiring for me to see a group of people who can be inspired by someone pointing out how inept and delusional they are.

Your inability to maintain a conversation on the issue saddens me deeply, I would have expected more from an organization who supposedly fights the Canadian seal hunt. I was getting great enjoyment out of showing people how little you know about the issue. Showing them how laughable it is that you are attempting to garner contributions based on a complete lack of knowledge and your inactivity in the issue, contributions via fantastical association. Much like the US evangelist who can suck money out of gullible people, my hat is off to you for being such a good conman. As long as there are morons in society there will be snake oil salesmen to take their money.

Take care,
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