The Humane Society of Canada's First Reply,
Dear Mike,

You have not contacted us in the past. Thank you for giving us the benefit of your views, however, we do not share them. And neither do more than a billion people or roughly 1 out of every 6 people on earth who have convinced their governments to pass laws to ban the import of seal pelts.

And remember, when it comes to fighting cruelty, we don't give up. Ever.


Michael O'Sullivan
Chairman & CEO
The Humane Society of Canada
Hi Mike,

So all you have to come back with from a contradiction of all your sealing information and an attack on the integrity of your organization is an attempted "bandwagon" propaganda defense. So sad.

As stated by the Institute of Propaganda Analysis,

"Bandwagon: Propagandists use this technique to persuade the audience to follow the crowd. This device creates the impression of widespread support. It reinforces the human desire to be on the winning side. It also plays on feelings of loneliness and isolation. Propagandists use this technique to convince people not already on the bandwagon to join in a mass movement while simultaneously reassuring that those on or partially on should stay aboard. Bandwagon propaganda has taken on a new twist. Propagandists are now trying to convince the target audience that if they don't join in they will be left out. The implication is that if you don't jump on the bandwagon the parade will pass you by. While this is contrary to the other method, it has the same effect: getting the audience to join in with the crowd. The Institute of Propaganda Analysis suggests we ask ourselves the following questions when confronted with this technique. What is the propagandist's program? What is the evidence for and against the program? Even though others are supporting it, why should I? As with most propaganda techniques, getting more information is the best defense. When confronted with Bandwagon propaganda, consider the pros and cons before joining in."

I have identified cons to supporting your position to which you have offered no defense thus no pros. But let's take a look at your farcical estimate of 1 billion supporters which I'm guessing you are referring to the populations of the United States and the EU. The 1972 ban on seal products in the United States was done without any form of public consultation and was based on a proven fake documentary. As per the COWI report, leading up to the EU ban there was an online public questionnaire which was open to the world regarding views on different aspects of seal hunting. With animal rights groups pleading for their supposed 1 billion followers to take the survey and telling them how to answer via instructions on their Websites the survey was complete by 73,153. As we know some were hunt supporters but for argument sake let's say that all were anti sealing, still pretty sad turn out from 1 billion people don't you think? Your statement only reinforces what I have said about this issue all along, the animal rights agenda is being supported by a very small but vocal minority and has nowhere near the support they claim to have as most of society could really care less if the seal hunt ends or continues.

Lastly, you end by stating, "when it comes to fighting cruelty, we don't give up. Ever." While having an ominous ring I noticed you did not phrase it like "when it comes to fighting the seal hunt". I guess this is because you don't do much of anything to fight the seal hunt other than to take people's money under the illusion that you are, that is in no way to say that doing so would be grounded within the realm of scientific fact. If I am wrong here, please enlighten me?

Take care,
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