Paul Watson was born in Toronto, Canada in 1950 and grew up in New Brunswick. Apparently, he did not have the necessary abilities to become a captain when in the Canadian Coast Guard or when he served in the merchant marine. Now he parades about acting like supreme captain of the seas when, apparently, not a certified captain at all.
In October 1969, Watson joined a Sierra Club protest against nuclear testing at Amchitka Island. The group that formed as a result of that protest was the Don't Make a Wave Committee. This later became Greenpeace. There is some dispute over whether Paul Watson himself had any role in the actual founding of Greenpeace, but Watson was an early member.

In 1973, Watson claims to have offered his services as a medic to the members of the American Indian Movement during the Wounded Knee conflict in South Dakota. Many of the Native Americans involved in the conflict say Watson was not present and accuse him of grandstanding. Paul Watson grandstanding......never. First he thinks he is a medic and then on to think he is a captain.

Watson continued aboard several Greenpeace voyages throughout the 1970s. In 1975, during a Greenpeace campaign to confront Soviet whaling, an incident occurred which Watson says changed his life. This taken from his book,
"During this confrontation with the Russian whaler, a harpooned and dying sperm whale loomed over Paul's small boat. Paul recognized a flicker of understanding in the dying whale's eye. He felt that the whale knew what they were trying to do. He watched as the magnificent leviathan heaved its body away from his boat, slipped beneath the waves and died. A few seconds of looking into this dying whale's eye changed his life forever. He vowed to become a lifelong defender of the whales and all creatures of the seas."
Pull out Paul! Pull out! Your head is imbedded so far up your anal cavity we can't see your shoulders any more. This is when Paul realized he was Dr. Dolittle and he could actually talk with the animals....sing with the animals. But I digress. In 1977, Watson was ousted from the Greenpeace Foundation due to disagreements over Greenpeace ethics which stress non-violence and bearing witness. That same year, he founded his own group, originally named Earthforce and later renamed to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS).

Watson has claimed to have invented the tactic of tree spiking, although this tactic actually goes back to the labor struggles within the timber industry of the early 20th century and was particularly associated with lumberjacks who were members of the Industrial Workers of the World. Watson would never claim attention for something he was not responsible for...or would he. Long time friend and professional nut job, Rodney Coronado said about Watson,
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