This bunch of half cocked clowns is just too easy but here we go.

To understand this organization you have to read about Paul Watson who founded it and acts in the capacity of El Presidente.

The organization was conceived in 1978 when Watson was ousted from Greenpeace for basically being a nut bar. They did not see eye-to-eye when it came to the tactics the group should be using. Watson arguing for a greater degree of extremism.

The SSCS has established two other organizations, the Oceanic Research and Conservation Action Force (O.R.C.A. FORCE). The organization focuses on destroying and damaging ships used in legal ventures which the SSCS doesn't agree with. The other group is the Coeur du Bois (Heart of the Wood), which focuses on the lumber industry. They mainly participate in spiking trees. In essence these groups are the foot soldiers of the SSCS so the parent organization can try to keep a clean image. Kind of like what the skinheads do for the Ku Klux Klan. Personally, I just want to know how long it took this think tank to come up with a name who's acronym spells orca.

In 1987, a California mill worker was horribly disfigured after his blade struck two spikes in a tree, almost severing his jugular vein. Paul Watson was quoted as saying,
"Those loggers don't give a damn for future generations,"
"And if they don't have any compassion for the future, I don't have any compassion for them."
I guess life is pretty easy when your suckling the tit of celebrity contributors unlike that logger who was just trying to feed his family.

In 1991, The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society lost key personnel and about 10% of its membership when Watson endorsed a dolphin show at the Mirage Casino in Las Vegas. The Mirage's owner, Steve Wynn had apparently offered Watson a $50,000 contribution.

In 2005, Dr. Jerry Vlasak a member of the SSCS Board of Directors and self-professed member of the Animal Liberation Front(ALF) got a whack in the nose by a sealer while protesting the hunt. You may remember him from a video that anti-sealing organizations have been flogging. What do you expect from the sealers when they have to put up with being harassed by these guys year after year. With that being said lets take a look at the poor Mr. Vlasak who was a member of the ALF. The same ALF considered to be the most radical animal rights group, credited with multiple acts of violence and presently sits on the FBI terrorist organizations list. Sweet fella. You can see how someone like this might have been asking for a punch in the face. One might hope it would have knocked some sense into him but quite the opposite. Vlasak went on to publicly support assassinations for the animal rights cause. What I would like to know is how did this nut job get into Canada in the first place and why would the SSCS ever be aloud to enter our waters again after knowingly transporting a terrorist into the country?
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