The group was founded in 1969 when Brian Davis saw a seal hunt special on CBC. Ironically, although the "special" was portrayed as a documentary, Les Phoques de la Banquise, the producers, Artek Film Company, staged many of the kill scenes and even payed a Magdalen Island sealer who was acting as a guide to skin a seal alive for the film. This fact was later proven during a House of Commons hearing which ruled the film to be a fraud. The sealer signed an affidavit declaring that he was
"employed by a group of photographers to skin a large seal for the film. I solemnly swear before witnesses that I was asked to torment the said seal and not to use a club, but just to use a knife to carry out this operation, where in normal practice a club is used to first kill the seals before skinning them."
The Federal Standing Committee chastised CBC "for not inquiring into its accuracy before screening," but the damage had been done.

In this case fraud begets fraud as Davis goes on to portray the seal hunt in a fraudulent manner ie. portraying a seals natural eye watering to protect its eyes as crying due to sadness from loosing its young. What probably began as a noble cause has slowly turned into a money hungry operation which buys credibility instead of earning it. On their web page they spout great ideals like working to find a balance between humans and animals and how they realize it will be a relationship built on cooperation, blah, blah, blah. All sounds good but when put to the test the IFAW falls flat. Why? Cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching. Where is the money in compromise and the seal hunt is making them lots of money.

In 1996 Annemieke Roell, an IFAW campaigner for thirteen years, was fired when she attempted to broker a deal between the organization and the sealers. The offer was to become partners by setting up an independent body with two fundamental roles. The first would be to ensure the sustainability of the seal hunt, and for this purpose scientists would be assigned to the body from the IFAW and the Canadian government. The second would be to oversee the marketing of the Hunt's products in ways acceptable to all parties. This would have given the IFAW an unprecedented amount of control in the harvest, a level to which no other environmental group had ever attained. Quite obviously the IFAW refused and Roell was fired, so much for that lets work together ideal their present web page likes to flog. It is interesting to note that in the same year this offer was refused, IFAW founder, Brian Davis took a salary of almost $300,000 while in semi-retirement. Of course he didn't agree to the proposal, business was good and, I guess, he didn't want to share. So much for the noble principles the organization was founded under. At the time Roell was quoted as saying,
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