The primary objective of sealers is to earn income through sales or "in kind" through direct usage of the products available from the seals they kill.

Seals provide four products: fur, leather, fat (rendered for Omega3 medicinal oil) and meat. The bulk of the meat is located in the "flippers", which the sealers take leaving the mostly meatless carcasses on the ice to return to the eco-system, as the ice melts the carcasses slip back into the ocean and provide food for other species. This eliminates the need to dispose of offal in landfills, a serious problem for land-based abattoirs: a green practice.

By body weight, the use of seal based products compares favourably with the use of products from other animals killed by man. It is not always possible to utilize all of the carcass and in these cases the remains are left on the ice to return to the eco-system as food for fish and crustaceans. What at first glance appears to be wastage is in fact a "green" solution to problem of offal disposal faced by abattoirs worldwide.
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