The death of any living creature is a sensitive issue to all people, be they those who do the killing or those who use the resulting foods and other products. It is a fact that urban people, who have limited exposure to the origins of the food they eat, the clothing they wear or the source of any of the other many animal based products they use in their daily lives, tend to be repulsed by any animal killing. Nor are they aware of the interaction between themselves and animals on the habitat they occupy to support their lifestyle. Man is simply one other in the chain of predators but one who recognizes the impact of his actions and monitors them to encourage the sustainable use of all natural renewable resources.

Humans rely on animals for their very existence and sealers are only one group of many in society who provide the means for urban lifestyle to exist as it does worldwide.

Sealers use both high-powered rifles and hakapiks to kill seals depending upon the situation they encounter. Both the rifle and the hakapik are humane, efficient methods of killing seals and international studies by independent, reputable veterinarians have proven this time and time again.

In essence, the Canadian seal hunt is no different than any abattoir anywhere in western society: except it is done in the open on the ice flows or open waters off the eastern and northern coasts of Canada.

No animal killing is pretty but the objective of Canadian sealers is to kill humanely: and they do. Study after study has shown that both weapons kill efficiently and humanely.
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