The population of Harp Seals in Canadian waters is well over 5 million animals and over the last number of decades has more than doubled while at the same time sealers have taken their scientifically determined quotas. This is the epitome of the sustainable use of a natural renewable resource: the very definition of Green as defined by responsible conservation organizations worldwide.

A management philosophy of strict, scientifically based, quotas has seen the Harp Seal population more than double over the last four decades. Continuous scientific monitoring ensures that harvesting and heard size remain in balance.

During that same period, Canadian sealers have consistently taken their assigned quotas, while maintaining a healthy population.

The Canadian Harp Seal population is not now, nor ever has been, listed on any reputable international list of either endangered or threatened species. It is one of the most abundant marine mammal populations in the world's oceans. Conservation is not an issue.

The annual quotas may vary from time to time to reflect the changing population structure of the herd but these changes are always made within the framework of the scientific advice and err on the side of conservation.
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