Rural, maritime peoples are dependent on their environment for their livelihood. They utilize resources such as fish, crustaceans, mollusks, seals and other wildlife for exactly the same reason urbanites hold jobs in factories and offices to provide income to feed and cloth their families.

Rural peoples do not earn weekly salaries but are dependent on a variety of activities to earn an annual income. Sealing is only one part of their earnings. The monies earned from sealing may range from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending upon markets and environmental conditions - and combined with fishing, farming and other activities enables them to maintain the life force of coastal villages.

It is the total earnings from all their economic activities including sealing that enables rural peoples to survive. Rural life is much like a mosaic composed of small stones. Remove one stone and the beautiful mosaic crumbles as the cohesion of all the stones holding the mosaic together. This is the reality of economic life in rural communities.
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