Date: December 07, 2006
For those on the protest side of the Canadian seal hunt, the 2001 Veterinary Report is a sacred sacrament to be repeatedly quoted when handing out the gospel to the readily manipulated. For the small segment of the population which still has any common sense or those not too lazy to plug a few names into Google, it is garbage, not worth the paper it is written on or the server space it consumes. The report has been used by the international media and governments to slander the Canadian seal hunt and its participants. Countries have used the document as a basis for making international trade decisions, a victory for propaganda and a travesty for truth.

The trouble with the report aptly starts with its name, The Independent Veterinarians Report. The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) prompted and paid for the report which means they paid for the travel and lodging of those who participated in the group and probably paid them a salary for their time. Biased? One could say that and with this in mind, should the report not have been named "The IFAW Veterinary Report". Thus, the propaganda begins.

Rapporteur - a person responsible for compiling reports and presenting them, as to a governing body.

The rapporteur for this report was an IFAW employee, veterinarian Joanne Fielder. Even though they say the five other participating veterinarians were independent, the final say on the information contained in the report is Ms. Fielder's. Biased? Of course, how could she not be.

John Gripper was the senior veterinarian with roughly 40 years experience and Advisory Director for the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA). WSPA is an animal rights group. Paul Irwin was the WSPA's executive director and was also the executive director of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), yet another animal rights group. Was Gripper grossly Biased? One could say that.

Ian Robinson was the next most experienced veterinarian of the team with over ten years experience. It is interesting to note that the only two veterinarians out of the five who had any experience with wildlife were Mr. Gripper and Mr. Robinson. Ian Robinson started working for the IFAW just after the report was released. He now serves as Emergency Relief Veterinarian for the IFAW. Grossly biased? One could say that.

The other three veterinarians were Rosemary Burdon, J. Alan Longair and Debbie Ruehlmann, all of whom had never done any documented work on wildlife and, individually had less than ten years experience. The three had never seen the outside of their companion animal veterinary clinics and besides Longair, have not published any work to do with wildlife since. Picture the dynamic of the group when the only three veterinarians with wildlife experience are grossly biased and have a combined experience which is more than double that of the companion animal veterinarians.
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