Finally there is Brain Davies, one of the most outspoken money grabbers associated with the seal hunt and founder of the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). Davies was the first to identify the amount of money that could be made in the protest sector of the seal hunt. I have read multiple quotes where Paul Watson claiming Davies is a Canadian but in reality he was born in Wales, United Kingdom. In 1978 Davies said,
"If they are hunting seals when I am 85, I hope to God they are not but if they are I will be fighting it."
Where is the 71 year old Brian Davies now? Well after taking a salary in the range of $300,000 for most years while fighting the seal hunt he retired in 1997 at the age of 62 with a retirement package of 2.5 million. Since his retirement Davies has been virtually silent on the seal hunt issue. To think, Rebecca says it has nothing to do with money.

Here (PDF) is a detailed document describing the DFO's formulas for calculating harp seal populations and pup production. It also contains the current formulas used and their latest results. Give it a read. I guess what I am trying to say here is just don't believe something because one of these clowns tell you to. In fact, don't believe it because I tell you to. Do the research. Demand proof. I would love for Rebecca and Paul to get up in a news conference and scientifically prove DFO is wrong. Such a thing has never been done because they can't do it. They do not have any data that refutes DFO's estimates. The truly pathetic thing is the number of people who believe these groups and their minions at face value. Don't let your emotions cloud your intelligence. Take one simple step before following these groups, ask for proof to back the multitude of erroneous statements they make.
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