Where does Rebecca Aldworth's in-depth knowledge of harp seal populations or effect of poor ice conditions on pup production come from? Apparently, she knows more than a team of scientists by flying out to the ice a couple of times a year. Aerial observation is only a part of DFO's formulas and they log many more hours than Rebecca.

Tom Hughes, former Executive Vice-President of the Ontario Humane Societies and former British Columbia SPCA executive spent almost 15 years researching the seal hunt in the 60s and 70s. This was a time with no regulations. He never went out to the ice to capture dramatic video, he was not involved in the seal hunt to raise money for his organization but he was there to study the hunt and fight for improvements which would make it humane. You could say that he was the father of seal hunt protesting. He monitored the hunt and fought for regulations and the regulations you see today are because of his work. At that time when regulations were not as strict as they are now Mr. Hughes said,
"Government recognizes the need for change and I've never seen a government act as positively as they did on the questions of cruelty and conservation."
"We believe that the Atlantic harp seal herd is now not only stable, but probably growing. The simple fact is that there is no possible chance that the animal is in any danger of extinction, and it's ridiculous for anyone to suggest that it is in danger. My personal concern, at this time is that the herd might grow too much."
This was said at a time when the herd was not even 2,000,000 and it is now almost 6,000,000 strong. Here is a glaring example of what I mentioned above. This man has much more knowledge than Watson and Aldworth put together but there are those who will not listen to what he said. In fact, they will come up with some ridiculous reason not to believe him. Reminiscent of skinheads who balk at any information which proves the holocaust happened.

Aldworth and Watson will argue that even though the seal population has tripled since the 70's they are still only a fraction of what they were. Point blank, if you listen to this you are stupid. What animal is at a level it was hundreds of years ago. Nothing is as it was hundreds of years ago and it never will be as it was then. Why? Because human populations have dramatically increased since then and like it or not, we affect the habits in which all animals live due to our very existence. It is funny to note that Paul Watson was the source of seal and sealing information for Bridgett Bardot when she made her famous journey out to the ice flows in 1977. After the visit she told everyone the harp seal would be extinct by 1982. This is the brilliant "science" we have come to expect from Watson. He and Aldworth are little more than charlatans, much like the salesmen of old trying to sell their magic cure-all and relying on the stupidity of others to buy it.
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