They are cute. You have to give a young seal that. They are very cute so thinking of them being whacked over the head makes the image even more gruesome. So what do we have, mass killing of a cute creature by either being whacked on the head or shot with a backdrop of pure white ice to contrast the running blood. I mean come on. This would have outdone any animal rights group's wish list. Add in the fact that the young are targeted. I never understood the uproar over this. What age is it socially acceptable to kill something? Moose are hunted at seven months old and seals at a month or more. Seeing that you want to preserve the breeding stock of the species and young seals experience a 30% mortality rate anyway, it makes sense to hunt the younger animals. Even with all this it still didn't add up. I still had that nagging question. The deer is cute, twice as many are killed, there is poaching involved, there is sport hunting for the antlers or rack if you will and I am sure, like anything, there are a few morons out there that are using questionable hunting methods.

Then the great epiphany. The clouds cleared and a great light shinned down upon me and I was enlightened. Just kidding, it probably came to me on the can one morning. Anyways, the way I see it is this, depending on the year there are about 6,000 to 12,000 sealers who, most of which, live in coastal communities. Many coastal communities are still isolated by today's standards. Most sealers come from the same background so, collectively, their base of knowledge is focused. In comparison, when you look at deer or moose hunting you are looking at hunting in general and there are probably 1-2 million hunters in North America. I'm just throwing that out there but I would imagine this is a conservative number. This brotherhood boasts individuals from all walks of life with every knowledge base possible spread all across North America. Well why stop there, how about all around the world. Not only that but they would have to fight the National Rifle Association in the US, outfitters, hunting gear manufacturers and gun companies.

When you recognize all this and identify that animal rights groups like to start small in their quest to ban everything to do with animals it is not hard to see why the seal hunt is targeted. Oh ya, and there is the millions of dollars that pour in because they can market the hunt protest so well with the points I mentioned above.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) basically destroyed pig farming in Florida. Pig farming in Florida? Exactly, why go after Iowa pig farming when you can corner the industry in a state where it is a small time operation. This way you set a precedent that can be used in future battles against larger centres for that industry. Recently, there has been a push to use this precedent to attack pork farming in Arizona. Personally, I believe the seal hunt represents this "start small and work your way up" mentality but for hunting rather than meat farming.
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