Date: April 25, 2006
I'm sure many will say they have known this for years. I guess in my semi-ignorant state and lack of a complete knowledge on how the animal rights movement works I had missed it. Until now that is. Since I have been researching this issue I have had one nagging question that has been scratching at the back of my mind, a dull hollow sound really. Seeing that there are as many moose killed as harp seals in North America and twice as many deer, I could not get past the question of "why seals?" Why seals indeed. I guess, like most, I went through the usual gambit of reasons.

The first being that only 60% of the animal is utilized. Yes, this is a stain on the hunt but one that has been indirectly caused by the animal rights groups themselves. You see it is a bit of a vicious circle. Animal rights groups prompted regulations which helped improve the hunt but then they also destroyed possible markets for the meat. One of the regulations that was put into place was a ban on large vessels in the hunt. Thus, minimal room and no market make it a waste of time to bring the full seal carcass back to port. Now, animal rights groups leave out this little tidbit of information when they are broadcasting their version of the utilization issue. They would have you believe the carcass just rots away but in fact anyone with a shred of common sense would realize the carcasses are eaten by birds and as the ice melts they slip into the water where they are consumed by all manner of creatures in the sea. Man basically rearranges the food chain a little over a short period of time.

Anyways, my thinking was it could not be the utilization issue because animal rights groups are partly to blame for this present situation. How about the mass amount of animals killed? Well, as I mentioned above the same numbers and more of other animals are killed annually in North America. While this is a viable means of shocking the public into giving money it is not necessarily an all-inclusive reason to focus on the seal hunt. I could paint you a pretty grim picture of 600,000 deer gathered together and killed on snow over a period of a few days. It doesn't take an expert to make death into an emotional topic.

So, if not usage and not numbers, how about the methods used? Sure, the spectacle of something getting its skull crushed is gruesome. Although as a free-thinking individual I would have to say, when I watch the videos of someone "clubbing" a seal it looks pretty quick to me. What does it take, two maybe three seconds? Probably even faster then a bullet but for some reason society finds this a much more pleasing means of death. Bit of an oxymoron don't you think? I figure even if they removed "clubbing" altogether the animal rights groups would be back the next year but this time their description of being shot in the head would be something like, "It's so cruel how they hurl chucks of steel at mach 2 towards these small defenseless creatures who can't defend themselves or get away and their mothers have to watch as the steel blows half their skull apart. Then as they lie there with their brains scattered on the ice, they skin them alive." The truly horrible thing is that people take this melodramatic drivel seriously and swallow it hook, line and sinker. Anyway, even though this is compelling I still never saw it as the total picture, the main reason as it were.
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