"We believe that the Atlantic harp seal herd is now not only stable, but probably growing. The simple fact is that there is no possible chance that the animal is in any danger of extinction, and it's ridiculous for anyone to suggest that it is in danger. My personal concern, at this time is that the herd might grow too much."
Tom Hughes, Executive Vice-President of the Ontario Federation of Humane Societies (1978) and former British Columbia SPCA executive
Mr. Hughes was an outspoken critic of the seal hunt and made this statement when the harp seal population was just under 2 million, it is now almost 6 million.
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A Question Of Validity
One thing that has never ceased to amaze me in the sealing issue is how people will listen to those with no professional background over those who have backgrounds steeped in associated training and education. I know I have mentioned this before but I find it to be an incredible statement to the human condition when we replace intelligence with emotion. I find it incredulous when people pass off years of research by educated and experienced scientists because Paul Watson or Rebecca Aldworth say its wrong. In reality folks, these two have no background in seals or any other animal. They hang out with the herd for 2-3 weeks of the year. Watson barely drags his carcass off the boat and Aldworth is more concerned with dramatic video than studying seals. Don't get me wrong, they are experts. They are experts at playing to people's emotions and the media.
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