"Millions and millions of dollars are being spent on fighting quote unquote this issue, there are a lot more pressing issues in the world to worry about - animal welfare issues - than a fairly small hunt of an animal that isn't endangered. As long as it [the seal hunt] is done in a humane way, it almost seems like a waste of time and money really."
Annemieke Roell, International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) campaigner for thirteen years
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Who, how and why
I'm sure many will say they have known this for years. I guess in my semi-ignorant state and lack of a complete knowledge on how the animal rights movement works I had missed it. Until now that is. Since I have been researching this issue I have had one nagging question that has been scratching at the back of my mind, a dull hollow sound really. Seeing that there are as many moose killed as harp seals in North America and twice as many deer, I could not get past the question of "why seals?" Why seals indeed. I guess, like most, I went through the usual gambit of reasons.
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